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Social Media Highlights

Social Media Highlights

Bringing You the Best of Social Media!

Social Media Highlights is the process of tracking the top influential social media posts to gather informational insights that can be used to guide critical business decisions. By tracking and analyzing the most noteworthy content from social platforms, our customers can easily ignore crisis, discover new usable social accounts, engage with trending posts, and stay informed about the social media world around them.

The digest form of Social Media Highlights is the curated collections of impactful social media posts from highly influential social media profiles. The process involves monitoring top social conversations and interactions related to your brand, products, services, and competitors, thereby dropping unwanted and low influential posts that adds to the noise.

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Features of Social Media Highlights

Take Your Social Media Monitoring to the Next Level


Provides the most convenient way to track only the noteworthy social posts without having to spend hours scrolling through your feeds.

No Unwanted Noise

Typically features only top-performing and the most engaging posts and thus drastically reduce noise and other unwanted less influential posts.

Reputation Management

Track what most influential people say about your brand and find out negative comments that pull down your brand's reputation.

Customer Insights

Use insights from customer opinions and preferences towards product development, marketing campaigns, and customer service strategies.


Discover new influential accounts, trends, and topics. Introduce yourself to new creativity and ideas by expanding your social media experience.

More Engagement

By getting hand-picked posts with high engagement such as likes, comments, and shares, you can involve and contribute to the conversation.

Actionable Social Media Insights

Actionable Social Media Insights

Never Miss to Obtain Usable Insights From Influential Posts

This industry-first Social Media Highlights allow you to compare the trending social media topics between your brand and the competition. We offer a high-level view of trending social media activity and top customer conversations with a detailed analysis. Combined with our expert analyst team, DigiMent Research can review, and quality assure those content to provide the accuracy and perspective that full automation simply can’t deliver.

Social Media Highlights help you understand which product is driving the social media trends and the topic that are more likely to go viral and finally report everything to your team. Many PR experts believe it is unnecessary to track all the less needed trends and unwanted viral moments that can bring in more noise to the true insights that really matter. So, if you're looking to track the prominent social media activity and gain realistic insights from them, our Social Media Highlights is the one you should go for.