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Partner/Reseller Program

Partner/Reseller Program

White Label Services for Companies and PR Agencies

The DigiMent Research Partner/Reseller Program is designed for companies and agencies that want to jump into media monitoring business, without investing much in hiring employees and building infrastructure and technologies around the solution. Spending too much time and capital in developing the software and technical expertise needed for media monitoring will intensely slow down your entry into the market.

Our Partner/Reseller Program offers a wide range of media monitoring services to your clients, allowing you to completely focus on your business core competency. We have all the technologies, analyst expertise, and technical support to deliver media monitoring services to your customers. This hugely benefits any agency to earn maximum profit from the service as they can simply concentrate only on the marketing and selling the service to clients.

How It Works!

We Stay Under the Radar and Work for You
Join Digiment partner/reseller program

1. Become our Reseller

Join our Partner/Reseller Program and use all our human resources, technology, and bandwidth to deliver our products to your clients.

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2. Use our products with your branding

Deliver our products with your brand name on them. Thus, we remain completely in the shadows, leaving you full control over your customers.

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3. Relax and enjoy the extra income

Just promote and sell the monitoring services, pull in more customers, and continue to enjoy additional revenues without much effort.

What You Get

We Do All The Heavy Lifting While You Earn Profits!

When you partner DigiMent Research via reseller program, you offer your customers a fully customizable media monitoring solution, powered by an expert media analyst team. Our technology crawls millions of news websites and blogs each day, meanwhile our human curation approach fixes all the noise and errors, making us one of the best superior media monitoring systems in the industry.

In addition to online news monitoring, our analysts also handpick the most important social media posts from social feeds like Twitter and YouTube. We also use human analysts to assess sentiment, key messages, prominence, dominance, themes, and other qualitative parameters to measure and showcase the success of your customer’s media strategy.

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