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Media Analysis Reports

Media Analysis Reports

Top-Notch Insights Driven by Media Analysts!

DigiMent Research provides comprehensive and insightful analysis of various aspects of the media industry, ranging from press news coverage to advertising strategies in all forms of media, including news, web, and social media. As a media analysis firm, DigiMent Research specializes in understanding the complex and ever-evolving landscape of the media world and converting them into usable and actionable media insights that can influence your critical business decisions.

Our team of media experts carefully examines content from all media sources and provides objective analysis, allowing our public relation customers to make informed decisions on their media strategies. With our advanced analytics methodologies and with the help of the analyst team, you get a comprehensive overview of your online reputation and identify potential threats and opportunities for your strategical PR decisions.

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Features of Media Analysis Reports

Break The Barrier in Analyzing Your Brand’s Media Reputation

Multiple Media Channels

Track and analyze your media penetration across multiple channels, including online, social, print, broadcast, and get a comprehensive view of your media presence.

Human Coded Analytics

Our analysts are committed to providing unbiased in-depth analysis of your media content, helping you to fully understand its impact on your brands and competitors.

Usable PR Metrics

Get a wide range of PR metrics ranging from sentiment to media drivers. Examine the key messages and themes presented in your coverage, along with competitive SOVs.

Understanding Context

Media analysis is not only charts and graphs, but a clear understanding of every media content consumed. We 100% achieve this with our analyst decision-making skills.

Get More Value

Our reports carry valuable information for our PR customers which helps them in their corporate decision making and gaining knowledge of the brands they compete with.

Highly Customizable

Our reports can be custom branded, along with custom visual comparisons of 50+ metrics, including sentiment, reach, key themes, messages, prominence, etc.

Our Wide Range of Services

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Content Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Audience Analysis
Publication and Influencer Analysis

How We Help You

Customized and Comprehensive Analysis for PR Teams

As we navigate the rapidly changing media landscape, it is more important than ever to have a critical understanding of how media works for you. Whether you are a Public Relation executive, a media professional, a marketer, or a business owner, our media analysis services can help you to achieve your media goals by gaining insights from our analysts.