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Event & Campaign Monitoring

Event/Campaign Monitoring

Understand All the Happenings Around Events

We know that events are important for any business or organization, and tracking the event happenings is essential to understand their impact in a wider audience network. Whether it’s a conference, product launch, trade show, IPO, summit, meeting or any other type of event, our comprehensive media monitoring services are designed to keep you informed and help you make data-driven decisions.

Our media analysts will work tirelessly to track all the media mentions the launched products got during the event or how well your competitors are being perceived in the media, analyze those coverage and provide you with actionable insights. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced analyst team work together to provide you with daily news digests, media analysis and even human curated timely alerts related to the event happenings.

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Event Monitoring Process Flow

This is how we work


Event Launches

Intimate DigiMent Research team regarding your upcoming event


Start Monitoring

We’ll start monitor media coverage once your event is kickstarted and send you daily digests


Start Analysis

We’ll stop monitoring and kick start the media analysis process


Get Usable Insights

We’ll share the usable insights on the event through our media analysis report.

Features of Event Monitoring

Be Well-Informed, Make Prompt Decisions and Create Foolproof Strategies

Comprehensive Coverage

Using our advanced algorithms, we gather all relevant mentions from a wide range of media channels to have a holistic view of your event's media presence.

Timely Alerts

When a top-tier author or an influencer mentions your event, we'll notify you allowing you to respond instantly. Stay ahead of the game with our human curated alerts!

Media Analysis

Our analysts go above to provide you with in-depth analysis of your coverage. Identify key trends, sentiment, and themes around your event with usable PR insights.

Competitive Intelligence

Track and analyze similar events organized by your competitors and get valuable benchmarking data to enhance your event planning and marketing strategies.

Customized Reports

Get custom-tailored reports based on your needs. Whether you need morning digests, weekly overviews, or detailed monthly reports, our analysts have got you covered.

Influencer Tracking

Identify key influencers and thought leaders who speak in your event or refer it. Learn their quotes and engagement to build relationships and amplify your reach.

Get Actionable Insights from Event Monitoring

Measure the Impact and ROI of every Event and Campaign

Our event media monitoring service is designed to inform you of all the important event happenings surrounding the event, as well as help you stay on top of all the related media coverage. Provide us with the event date, location, and key speakers or topics, and see our team monitoring relevant media news throughout the event. We’ll compile comprehensive digests detailing all relevant media coverage, including articles, blogs, and social media posts. Our analysis reports are also fully customizable, allowing you to focus on the metrics you need.

Whether it’s coverage volume, sentiment, or PR reach, our reports provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions on your strategy. At Event Media Monitoring, we are committed to helping you navigate the media landscape and leverage the power of media coverage for your event's success. Our comprehensive services and expert insights help you to stay informed, measure your impact, and optimize your event strategies.