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Human Curated News Alerts

Human Curated News Alerts

Never Miss a Breaking News Topic Again

Stay up to date on the breaking news and events using DigiMent Research’s Human Curated Alerts! Our team of media analysts sifts through thousands of media sources to send you the most recent, relevant, and important alert notifications, saving your reputation, time and cost. With our Human Curated Alerts, you'll never miss a breaking news story again or an important negative mention that turns out to be an uncontrollable PR crisis.

Whether you want to receive alerts in near real-time or on a daily or weekly basis, whether you prefer only headlines or short summaries, whether you want to focus on a particular region or topic, our analysts got you covered. There is also a range of customization options you can fine-tune your alerts to suit your specific preferences.

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Features Of Our Human Curated Alerts

Stay Informed at the Earliest and be the First to React!

No Nonsense Alerting

We hand-select the top media mentions and use our expertise and judgement to carefully draft your alerts, thus ensuring that each alert you receive is relevant and helpful.

Constant Watch Over

We constantly watch over any breaking news around your topic of interest. So, there is no need for frequent scrolling through websites, searching for the latest crucial headlines.

Timely Alerts

Alerts are timely delivered to your inbox, so you stay informed no matter where you are. Make yourself free from those self-serve monitoring tools for learning top mentions.

An Effective Replacement for Automated Alerts

Respond Immediately Before Your Issue Becomes a Crisis

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by mountains of misinformation coming at us from all directions. That's where Human Curated Alerts come in. Our team of analysts carefully look for relevant breaking news and inform you once it hits the media threshold. So, you don't have to wait until your next morning news digest or sift through constant stream of noisy automated alerts to find the nuggets that really matter to you.

We believe that staying informed shouldn't be a chore, and our Human Curated Alerts service is designed to make it as easy and functional as possible. That’s why we provide you with options to change the frequency of your alerts, the type of content you want to receive, and the specific sources you want to follow. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to miss any breaking media news and trends, our Human Curated Alerts have got your back.