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PR Crisis Assistance

PR Crisis Assistance

Respond Back Effectively to an Emerging Disaster!

Crises can arise at any moment, and the media landscape can change rapidly. Whether it's a natural disaster, or an uncontrollable epidemic disease, or a product recall, may be a data breach or vulnerability, the way your organization is perceived in media can have a significant impact on your reputation, customer loyalty, and bottom line.

DigiMent Research’s PR Crisis Assistance offers a robust and cutting-edge solution to monitor, analyze, and mitigate potential brand reputational risks. We help you with comprehensive monitoring and analysis reports during these critical situations. Our dedicated team uses advanced tools and search techniques to focus only on relevant news mentions on the crisis, keeping you off from all fake and unwanted mentions.

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PR Crisis Assistance Process Flow

This is how we work


Crisis Occurs

Alert DigiMent Research analysts when the crisis happens


Start Monitoring

We monitor media coverage related to the crisis and send you daily digests and periodic news alerts if needed


Start Analysis

DigiMent Research team will end the monitoring and kick start the analysis process


Get Usable Insights

We’ll share the usable insights on the crisis through our media analysis report

Identify and Respond to Emerging Crisis Earlier

It's Crucial to Have DigiMent Research on Your Side During a Risk!
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Customized Daily Digests

Start your day with customized media digests featuring all prominent mentions and important media content of the day, allowing you to track the daily crisis impact.


Customized Alerts

Our team prioritizes relevant mentions based on instinct and crisis penetration, and sends you email notifications without overwhelming you with unwanted alerts.


Comprehensive Analytics

Track the effectiveness of your crisis management by getting detailed sentiment analysis, trends, visualizations, and key messages emerging from your crisis coverage.

How We Help You

Easily Handle Your Crisis Management Strategy

It is crucial for businesses and organizations to proactively manage their reputation, respond swiftly to potential crises, and ensure accurate information is disseminated. At DigiMent Research, we understand that every crisis is unique, and that's why we take a tailored approach in our PR Crisis Assistance. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and we are committed to providing personalized support and guidance throughout the entire recovering process. Don't wait for a crisis to strike. Be proactive in protecting your brand's reputation with our PR Crisis Assistance.