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Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

Capture Data from Every Nook and Corner of the Media World

DigiMent Research combines best-in-class web crawling technology along with manual keyword searching to deliver the most comprehensive and relevant media monitoring services in the industry. Our content-rich daily news digests combined with monthly analysis reports play a major role in your PR strategy and help your PR team in taking wise decisions to improve your media reputation.

Using DigiMent Research media monitoring, you can stay informed and spot opportunities to react to your customer conversations in the marketplace. Our media monitoring service not only helps you to understand the impact of your PR campaigns but also watches over your competitions and brings in useful insights to improve your PR plan.

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Digiment Media Monitoring

Why Media Monitoring

Achieve Big in the PR Market with Media Monitoring
Why Media Monitoring

Influence your PR Strategy

Daily News Digest displays all brand mentions in the media every single day. This reveals your PR reach and helps you drive up your brand reputation in media.

Secure your Brand!

Constant surveillance of your brand mentions helps you to maintain top rank in your targeted media. Also, spot opportunities to react to your customers at any time.

Manage your Reputation

Capture conversations that matter and stay alert during business-critical situations. Protect your brand’s media reputation by detecting crises before they escalate.

Sneak peek Competitors

Track and examine your competitors to stay ahead of them in media publicity. Compare your media performance with your competitors and improve your PR strategy.

Features of Our Media Monitoring

Intelligent Aspects to Make Key Strategies for your Organization

You're dealing with Humans

Pick the most accurate news mentions, add more sense to your analytics, and give more value to your reports with the help of our analysts.

Multiple Media Platforms

Track news and conversations from millions of news websites, blogs, publications, journals, white papers, TV, radio, and social platforms.

Multilingual and Global Tracking

Monitor your keywords across global and multi-lingual news media and get translated article content for your convenient readability.

Tailored Monitoring Services

Make yourself free from pre-defined complicated monitoring tools and start your day relaxed with our fully customized reports in your inbox.

Gain Competitor Insights

Watch over your competitors constantly and compare your PR strategy with them to make necessary updates to your next PR plan.

Visualize your PR Performance

Use 25+ metrics including sentiment, media drivers, themes, messages, etc., to assess your PR tactic and improve your media reputation.

Our Best-Selling Products

Crisp, Comprehensive, and Insightful Reports Relevant to Your Needs.

Media News Digests

Hand-picked news mentions of your brand, competitors, partners, and industry, compiled and sent in email templates.

Media News Digests

Media Analysis Reports

In-depth measurement and evaluation of your media information demonstrated using KPI metrics, charts, numbers, and graphs.

Media Analysis Reports

Social Media Highlights

Get curated collection of top social media conversations, interactions, and related insights to guide your business decisions.

Social Media Highlights