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Media News Digests

Media News Digests

News Summaries Handcrafted for PR Executives

Be informed of all the news topics affecting your brand, partners, industry, as well as your competitors. Our team of journalists and analysts carefully curates a brief of relevant news articles, opinion pieces, blog posts, and online stories from a range of reputable global media sources. These curated summaries of news stories and events from the previous day are informative, concise, and help you stay up to date on the issues that matter most to you.

All these digest articles are organised under your custom categories for easy navigation and these custom-branded reports are delivered to you every day from as early as 5 AM EST. Our Media News Digest includes:

  • Article headline and published date
  • Text preview of the article content
  • Analyst written synopsis (if needed)
  • Machine-translated summary reviewed by analysts (applicable for multilingual tracking)
  • Analyst scored sentiment
  • Author name and source publication
  • Link to the original article
  • Easy sharing options via email or social media
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Media News Digests

What You Get

Understand Your Brand Perception From All Top Media Channels
Understand Your Brand Perception From All Top Media Channels

Brand Monitoring

Track all available mentions of your brand, products, and company executives

Competitor Knowledge

Learn important news mentions of all your competitors and their products

Industry Awareness

Major news and issues impacting your industry, market, and business

Social Media Tracking

Most prominent social media posts without searching or scrolling much

Features of Our Digests

Stay Abreast With What is Happening Around You

Save Your Time

Our digests are crafted for busy executives who need to stay informed without spending hours scrolling through websites and social feeds.


Easier To Understand

Take a deep dive into each topic with the necessary background information and quickly understand the context behind each digest article.


Gain Broad Knowledge

A perfect way to get a comprehensive view of important news topics of your competitors as well as industrial happenings around you.


Powerful Reports to grow your PR

Handy Reports to Track Media Activities of Brands and Industry

Your Media News Digests are curated and delivered by expert media analysts with deep knowledge of your organization, industry, and competitors. Whether you're a public relations executive, a business owner, a communications professional, or just someone who wants to stay on top of the news, our Media News Digest is the right choice! In addition to this, we also offer a range of other monitoring services tailored to your specific interests and needs.