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What is Media Monitoring?

What is Media Monitoring?

And why you need it!

Media monitoring is an intelligent way to understand the impact your brand is creating in the market. It helps you to identify, analyze and curate media items that help understand your brand performance. With the comprehensive media monitoring process, you can build a formidable brand identity, strategize media campaigns, and stay ahead of your competition.

If you want to make it big in the PR market,
then you need a media monitoring report.

Media is humongous, dynamic, and the data it produces every second is humanly impossible to keep track of without the intervention of media analysts. So, every PR needs an intelligent way capable of identifying, analyzing, and producing a comprehensive report on the trends in the media, which can be utilized to make key strategies for their organization.

What Does Media Monitoring Provide?

Media Monitoring captures data from the nooks and corners of the media world – Global news sources like media channels and print publications, news sites, social media, discussion forums, blogs, and broadcasts and podcasts. The data is then analyzed by human analysts or automated tools to provide a crisp, comprehensive, and insightful report which aids your PR decision-making and strategic needs.

Observe And Stay Aware!

If you can create the right brand perception, you have reached halfway towards success. The remaining half comes from communicating the right information to your target audience. Media monitoring helps you understand your brand perception by data mining from all top media channels, which will help you create the right strategy to communicate your brand identity.

Leaders Get Major Share Of Profit

Knowledge of your industry is a must. Know what works and what does not. Know what your competitors are up to and know the strategies that will take you a long way in the market. Also, be the first one to know it all. While you are busy with the day-to-day activities of your business, your media monitoring service provider will be watching the media with an eagle eye to curate valuable insights into the industry – the trending news, hashtags, viral videos, new policies of the government and their criticisms by the public, and everything else you should be known as a business owner, Public Relation Officer or just anyone involved in key decision making an organization.

Opportunities Are Only For Those Who Are Vigilant

Ever thought of counting the number of times your brand name was mentioned by your target audience in their conversation? Sounds like a herculean task. Every time your audience mentions your brand name, it shows the impact you have created. Moreover, your media monitoring service provider monitors the online conversations about your brand, mentions, sentiment, reach, likes, dislikes, and trending keywords about your brand, which help you understand and enhance your brand visibility among your competitors.

Test The Water Before You JUMP

Media monitoring services help you track your customer sentiments based on their profile, likes, dislikes, shares, and comments. When automated tools simply do sentiment rank calculations without any deep understandings, the human curated service goes a step above and gets the results even better. The media analyst reads the entire news article content and understands the context before scoring sentiment for an article. This helps you create branding strategies that resonate with the sentiments of your customers for better impact and long-lasting impressions. If you can understand what your audience needs, the market leader position can be effortlessly achieved.

Have Strong Foothold Over Your Territory

Media monitoring is a continuous process. To be ahead of the competition and consistently deliver excellence to your customers, it’s important to stay abreast of what is happening around you. Media monitoring companies like DigiMent Research assist you like a media guru who can give your necessary insights when needed without giving you the burden of market research.

Stay Up-to Date All The Time

Media monitoring for PR is a Himalayan task. Media Monitoring services help you in sourcing relevant data across all media channels, Television, radio, print media, and web & social media. With media analytics, you draw statistical data points, quote relevant content at press conferences, and strategize campaigns and media programs.  

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Your customers might have a strong opinion about your brand, and at any point in time, they will not hesitate to talk about it in the media; online sites as well as social media. This may affect your brand identity. Media monitoring solutions like DigiMent Research help identify these trends and guide you to take the necessary steps to prevent damage to the brand name you created. You can dive deep into the performance of your competitor brands, know what they liked and disliked, and understand who spoke what, about your brand in the media.

By examining millions of posts each day across all media channels, DigiMent Research media monitoring services can be your ‘Media Guru’. Be well-informed, make prompt decisions and create foolproof strategies to expand your organization.